Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Armor Doesn't Fit

David, as a boy, had the courage to fight a giant. He was determined to regain the honor of His God, whom Goliath had haughtily slandered. He fully believed that God would give him the ability to fight and to gain victory for His people. Young David alone had this confidence, as he arrived on the battle scene to find the entire Israelite army (including King Saul) paralyzed with fear for a full 40 days before the intimidating Golaith and surrounding Philistine army.

Saul reluctantly agreed that David could take on the giant, but insisted that he must wear Saul's own armor.

David tried on the armor, but because he was not used to it, he took it off again. He was a shepherd boy, so he picked up five smooth stones from the stream and went out to face the hulking form of Goliath with his slingshot.

And he won.

I look at my children and somehow think that in the arena of faith, they need to "look like me." Yet, I am learning that their faith is their own, and that right now they are children who are growing into the people God has creatively made them to be. Not unlike David when he fought the giant. They don't want to wear the armor that I wear because it doesn't fit them.

I desire to grow as a Mom, in being able to come alongside and affirm each of my children in their own steps of faith, as they choose their own stones from the stream. I want to believe with them that their God can equip them for their battles in ways that I would never imagine.

I'm glad that my armor doesn't fit them.

(1 Samuel 17)

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  1. I whole-heartedly agree and appreciate you writing this very much, Mommy!!!!




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