Thursday, May 13, 2010

Growing an Apple Tree in a Paper Cup

I needed the perspective of my 11 year old daughter this week!

Jordan has always loved to grow things and often asks if she can try out her different ideas. She has had a dream for some time now of growing an apple tree from the seeds of an apple core. My response to this dream has always been skeptical, and I have given her a handful of reasons why she shouldn't really hope for an actual tree to grow. On Monday morning though, as we were getting ready to go to the gym and I was fighting fatigue and a bad attitude, I heard Jordan shriek from our balcony, "Mommy!!! The apple tree started growing!"

Sure enough. There was a little green shoot coming up in her outstretched paper cup.

Thank you, God, for the faith of my child, and for her wonder and amazement over seeing the beginnings of an apple tree.

On Tuesday I came home from one activity and was planning what I needed to get done before the next activity...check the kids' homework, set the table, get ready for Bible study...when Jordan excitedly called to me from her room. "Look, Mommy, it's a rainbow!!!" I stepped into her room and wondered why the floor was covered with newspaper. She was standing in the sunlight squirting a spray bottle of water into the air and gazing up at the beauty she could see. "That's nice," I told her as I started to tackle my LIST.

But instead, I chose to turn around and enter Jordan's room, because I hadn't really seen the rainbow and I was sure it must be there. "That's right," she told me. "You have to see it from this side." So, as I stood in the right spot, looking into the beam of sunlight from her window, she handed me the spray bottle so that I could shoot the water up myself.

I did see the rainbow that day, and it was beautiful.

I'm so glad I didn't miss it, as I'm afraid I miss too many "moments" because I get consumed with what needs to get done.

I've been thinking more about what I wrote last week about biking and constantly offering up silent prayers for the protection of my children. This week, God has helped me to see that I need to let go of the What Ifs. They keep me from being relaxed and from enjoying the moment.

And I need to let go of the LIST sometimes as it robs me of life, and keeps me from enjoying the moment too.

I'm thankful for the eyes of Jordan, and that God has been helping me to see life through her perspective. She knows how to enjoy the moment and to see the beauty around her. God knows how much I need a childlike wonder and faith!


  1. Why did you doubt that an apple tree would grow from apple seeds?

  2. That's a good question! I think because I had never heard of anyone growing an apple tree from the seeds of their own apple core, I doubted that anything would grow. And because of my views of God at that time, I didn't want my daughter to hope for something that probably wouldn't happen. As it turned out, the tree that started to grow died a few days later, but it didn't bother Jordan at all!



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