Tuesday, November 30, 2010

How He Meets Needs, part 3

On the receiving end.

As we celebrated Joshua's 14th birthday last week, I have been reflecting on his life through the pages of his photo album. And I realized, with gratefulness, that the second 7 years of his life did not bring nearly as many trips to the hospital as his first 7 years did! He is no longer a lao pengyou (old friend) of the staff at the Tianjin Children's Hospital.

The second time that Joshua broke his arm (just before he turned 6) turned out to be a huge blessing for us to be on the receiving end of the Body of Christ at work. All it took was a phone call.

I heard the horrible thump from the balcony where Joshua had fallen from his bedroom windowsill and knew that his arm was badly broken by how disfigured it looked moments later...

I quickly called a friend, who I knew was out to dinner with a group of friends, and three of them jumped in a taxi and were here within 15 minutes (not waiting for their dinner to arrive). One of them stayed with CJ and Jordan, and the other two took Joshua and me to the Orthopedic Hospital and helped us with all of the paperwork.

The X rays showed that Joshua's arm was broken in two places, and my friends advised me to take him to the Beijing United Hospital where he would be given anesthesia before setting his arm and putting it in a cast. From past experience, I knew that Joshua would not do well without anesthesia, so it was not a difficult decision to make! These friends helped me to find a driver to take us to Beijing (about two hours away), and one friend rode with us, while two stayed overnight with CJ and Jordan.

Meanwhile, Charly was camping with friends (husbands of these women who were helping me) on the Great Wall, about three hours away. I was able to reach him through their cell phones, and they helped to make arrangements for a driver to take him directly to Beijing United Hospital. Amazingly, he arrived just minutes after we did at the Emergency Room.

What would we have done without these friends helping us?

God is good, and He provides exactly the kind of help that we need.
Thankful for the way that He designed the Body to work.

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