Saturday, December 4, 2010

No One Can Stop Him

Here was a king whose threats to his subjects included tearing them limb from limb and reducing their houses to piles of rubble (Daniel 2:5, 3:29). Much like the mighty King Sennacherib of Assyria ("What Are you Trusting In?"), no one it seemed could stop King Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon. His word was law.

If he demanded that his magicians first tell him his dream and then interpret it for him, all of his wise men would be executed if his wish was not fulfilled (2:12).

If anyone did not bow down to the huge golden statue Nebuchadnezzar had made, he would meet his life’s end in the king’s blazing furnace. And, Nebuchadnezzar bellowed at the three seemingly foolish Jews who dared to defy him, “What god will be able to rescue you from my power then?” (3:15)

Nebuchadnezzar had already besieged Jerusalem, defeated King Jehoiakim of Judah, and brought back sacred objects from the Temple of God, placing them in the treasure-house of his god (1:1-2) He had also brought back from Jerusalem some young men from noble families to be trained for the king’s service. (1:3-4)

Little did Nebuchadnezzar know then of the plans that God had to use the convictions, the faith, and the understanding of these young men to reveal Himself, the incomparable King of the universe, to this seemingly powerful king of Bablyon.

God would so humble Nebuchadnezzar that he would decide to send "a message to the people of every race and nation and language throughout the world" (4:1), concluding with:

“I praised and worshipped the Most High and honored the one who lives forever. His rule is everlasting, and his kingdom is eternal. All the people of the earth are nothing compared to him. He has the power to do as he pleases among the angels of heaven and with those who live on earth. No one can stop him or challenge him, saying, “What do you mean by doing these things?” (4:34-35)

“Now, I , Nebuchadnezzar, praise and glorify and honor the King of heaven. All his acts are just and true and He is able to humble those who are proud.” (4:37)

Truly, no one can stop Him.
Let us humble ourselves before the Most High, whose rule is everlasting.

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  1. I agree fully. Thank you for such good posts.



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