Tuesday, April 12, 2011


As I walked down the market street yesterday afternoon, I heard a wonderful story of trust from a woman who has become my first new friend here!

We talked about our families, and my friend shared how her marriage was arranged by her father 11 years ago, when she was 18 years old. The first time she saw her husband was on their wedding day! “Were you afraid?” I asked her, imagining how I would feel, with no control over the selection of the man with whom I would share the rest of my life. “No,” she simply replied. “Because my father loves me so much, I knew that he would not make a bad choice for me. I trusted my father.”

Isn’t that the way our Father wants us to trust Him?

Because He loves us so much, we can trust that He will not make a bad choice for us. Everything that happens (big and small, good and bad) has to pass through His fingers before reaching us, because He holds us in His protecting hands. He allows exactly what’s best for us, and is able to transform circumstances that even seem terrible to us, to actually work for our good.

The trust that enabled Isaac to lie down on the altar and to offer himself as a sacrifice, because his father instructed him to, was the same trust that made it possible for Abraham to tie this precious son on the altar, and to lift the knife. He was willing to sacrifice the fulfillment of God’s great and long-awaited promise, because his heavenly Father asked it of him.  (Genesis 22)

Father and son simply trusted and obeyed. And God was honored and glorified on that mountain.

What amazing examples of trust are these forefathers of our faith!

What a beautiful example of trust is my new friend in the way that she fully believed her earthly father would make a good choice for her husband.

We too can have a childlike trust in our Father, when we know that He is good and His plans for us are good. Because He loves us so much.


  1. Still keeping a tab on your blog! I hope you guys are keeping well! Lots of love from the Vanderlaans. Praying for you....

  2. Thanks for writing, Esther! I've been thinking about your family a lot recently. Hope all of you are doing well. Thanks for praying!
    Love to all of you from the Pines

  3. Jodie, I love the story and was touched. As you might have noticed from my FB post that I resigned from my current job on Monday and even though I am not 100% comfortable the new job was where I wanted to be, I have the confidence that God has it planed and worked out for my best interest. My God bless all of us who occasionally have doubts...

  4. Thanks for sharing, Jing! May God bless you in your new job, and may you experience His great love for you, as He works all things out for your good in His perfect plan. I'll be praying for you.

  5. Hi Jodie, I've been reading some of your blog posts to become more familiar with your family and your work there. Every one of your posts has encouraged me, and given me a better idea of how to pray for all of you. Your writing and photos help to make your small corner of China come alive for all of us who can't go there yet. Thank you so much for sharing your lives with us!

    1. Thanks so much, Darin, for reading and commenting. And for your prayers. What a huge blessing for us! God bless you too. Jodie



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