Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Jordan's Life in the Village

Jordan gave me permission to share this story that she wrote about life in the village, first from the perspective of her friend and then from her own perspective.

The Arrival of a Stranger (from two different views)

            Today, something new and exciting happened, a new family moved into our village. This family wasn’t just any normal family; this was a foreign family all the way from America! They have two sons and a daughter, who is my age. One day I was out just walking around with my brother when all of a sudden around the corner popped this new family just walking along the road as I watched them go by, the girl smiled at me and I smiled back. That smile was the beginning of a friendship, between me and her. After that day I came over to their house to play with her every weekend and she came over sometimes after school. We would bake cakes, that weren’t sweet and cookies that were too sweet. J Sometimes we would make a craft like sew a bag or make a doll, or we would go to the river nearby to fish (catch tadpoles). Sometimes we would play sha bao and badminton outside. Now this new family went away to go back to America to visit friends and family, and I will miss them and the time we had to play on the weekends! Me and some of my friends said goodbye to them the night before they left.

A different point of view           _________________________________

          The bus bumped over the village roads pulling to a stop at the entrance of an alley, the alley which would lead me to my new home. Excitement about this new move bubbled up in me, as I stepped out of the bus into the cool night air. I looked up to see the sky shining brightly with more stars than I had ever seen in my life. We got our bags out from the side of the bus and started down the alley that would soon become familiar to me. As we walked up to the door of our home and stepped in, I was astonished at the size of the place! It was huge! It had a gigantic courtyard with a little garden area in the middle that had a few trees but no flowers yet. That night I slept in my own room, and the next day we all unpacked and started getting accustomed to life in the village. The village was gorgeous; with lots of trees and hills and streams. The next day on a walk around the village I saw a girl by the road with her little brother and I smiled at her, she smiled back with a big, warm smile. At that moment I knew that we would be friends! That weekend she came over to play and we baked, sewed, played outside and even fished for tadpoles in the river! I absolutely loved life there and soon grew used to it. We could wake up each morning to the sound of birds chirping and breathe clean, fresh mountain air. While eating breakfast outside we could see the mountains with snow on them in the distance. Around lunch we could play badminton in our courtyard. Sometimes, if I was out getting something I would see a friend coming home from school and go over to play at her house for a while and every weekend my friends would come over to play. Overall, I absolutely love life in the village and the friends that I have there!!! Now we are in TianJin visiting friends and we will go back to America soon, but I will always miss life in the village!

                                                                                                              Jordan Pine  


  1. i liked how jordans point of view was so descriptive and vivid and yet the other point of view concise and to the point but still paints a nice story of the mind

    1. Thanks for sharing! It was Jordan's idea to write her story from two points of view, and I especially liked the way her writing captures her love for the village and the people.

  2. Love both points of view! So glad to be able to keep up on all of you!

  3. Okay, just realized that I a, listed as "unknown!" It's Brian from KCMO!

  4. Thanks for becoming "known" Brian! Great to hear from you.



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