Saturday, April 27, 2013

Indwelling Glory

What a blessing to spend another spring in the village! To breathe fresh unpolluted air. To drink in the sights of majestic mountains, beautiful blue skies, ever-changing clouds. To watch the water dance over the rocks and discover thousands of swimming tadpoles in the stagnant pools of the river. Flowers bloom, new crops emerge, and Life Grows once again all around us. The absence of city street noise and the gentle movement of leaves in the trees have been very refreshing to my soul.

My soul has also been refreshed by Andrew Murray’s wonderfully rich devotional Abide in Christ. His words have given me a deeper understanding of what it means to abide, to experience God’s indwelling power, and to bear the image of Christ, as His glory dwells within us:

“It is only the humility that is willing to learn from those who may have other gifts and deeper revelations of the truth than we, and the love that always speaks gently and tenderly of those who do not see as we do, and the heavenliness that shows that the Coming One is indeed already our life, that will persuade either the Church or the world that this our faith is not in the wisdom of men, but in the power of God. To testify of the Saviour as the Coming One, we must be abiding in and bearing the image of Him as the Glorified One.

Not the correctness of the views we hold, nor the earnestness with which we advocate them, will prepare us for meeting Him, but only the abiding in Him. Then only can our being manifested in glory with Him be what it is meant to be—a transfiguration, a breaking out and shining forth of the indwelling glory that had been waiting for the day of revelation...

The blessing will be given to him who will trust his Lord for it, who in faith and confident expectation ceases not to yield himself to be wholly one with Him. It was an act of wondrous though simple faith, in which the soul yielded at first to the Saviour. That faith grows up to clearer insight and faster hold of God’s truth that we are one with Him in His glory. In that same wondrous faith, wondrously simple, but wondrously mighty, the soul learns to abandon itself entirely to the keeping of Christ’s almighty power, and the actings of His eternal life...

May our daily lives be the bright and blessed proof that the hidden power dwells within, preparing us for the glory to be revealed. May our abiding in Christ the Glorified One be our power to live to the glory of the Father, our fitness to share to the glory of the Son.”

All photos by Jordan Pine.

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