Monday, April 1, 2013

Preschool Days

One of my projects while CJ has been in the US this past week has been to update his scrapbook. We opened up a box of old pictures, stored under Joshua’s bed, and found these from the fall of 2000 when our family was featured in the Tianjin Daily.

Charly was teaching in the Philosophy department at Nankai University that year and CJ (5) and Joshua (almost 4) went to Nankai’s preschool 3 mornings a week. Jordan (2) started preschool the following year.

Our family’s form of transportation was to bike with the kids in back of our three wheel “station wagon”. When they got bigger (and heavier) we upgraded to a battery powered three wheeler. And eventually transitioned to them riding their own bikes.

CJ wasn’t all that interested in learning Chinese when he was in preschool; instead he saw his mission as helping his teacher (who became a good friend of ours) improve her English. But when he started first grade the following year at a local elementary school, his Chinese improved a lot!

Joshua wasn’t quite ready for the classroom setting yet. He enjoyed preschool a lot more when he and Jordan started attending a different one closer to our home the next year, where they both made some great friends.

Early homeschool lessons.


  1. Awesome photos, Jodie. The black and white really makes these photos seem older than they are....after all, it was only a few years ago, right? =)

    1. It does seem like only a few years ago! But those kids have really grown up :)



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