Tuesday, August 20, 2013


Not only are we thankful that CJ was Not Overlooked after his recent hiking accident,  we are also thankful and simply amazed by this video that the Coast Guard posted on youtube, showing CJ and Clay's helicopter rescue (newspaper article):

Lifted by helicopter and carried by God.

Some friends commented to us how special it was that the Coast Guard chose CJ and Clay’s rescue to post on youtube. Such an unexpected gift. Really. Who would have guessed that we could watch from the helicopter CJ and then Clay, lifted up from the ravine by rope? To actually hear the Coast Guard talking to each other. “Got him, man.” It gives me chills every time. Another glimpse Behind the Scenes that God graciously chose to reveal to us.

This was such different experience than when Joshua broke his arm in 2002 and our friends in Tianjin took such good care of our family. With CJ’s accident, we were half the world away, hearing about how God was taking care of CJ through people we didn’t even know. Too far away to do anything ourselves, all we could do was give thanks to God. He had it under control, and was meeting each and every need.

CJ had been in the middle of nowhere, in a crisis, but God knew exactly where he was. And just as God lifted and carried him out of that very remote area, He was lifting and carrying us too. Through the prayers of friends around the world: for our adoption, for CJ, and for our hearts that were quite stretched with wanting to be in two places at one time.

Many miles away from CJ, we simply bowed our heads and thanked God for his special blessings:

A ranger at the hospital buying CJ a hamburger.

A woman from NOLS headquarters driving 4 hours to pick him up from the hospital and check him into a hotel that night. So thoughtful of her to bring him a fresh change of clothes to put on after he was able to take his first real shower in three weeks. Because he had emerged from the wilderness with nothing but the dirty and blood-stained clothes he was wearing.

A first-class plane ticket purchased for him, by Notre Dame’s Hesburgh-Yusko Scholars Program, to fly to Kansas City a week earlier than planned.

And before he flew to Missouri (to get a bonus week with our family there), he was blessed to spend the weekend with some very special friends. I was really touched by what his friend posted on facebook afterward:

“It was so cool that CJ could come down and stay with us over the weekend despite his circumstances of breaking his wrist and having to end his wild man hike early. God was so gracious to him, and actually saved his life. So glad we got to hang with him even just for 48 hours. This just comes to show how crazy awesome God is. Not only watching over us, but He does some pretty crazy things, like what seems like to us randomly seeing CJ when he was supposed to be hiking. I don't even know when we were expecting to see each other next, that's some pretty crazy stuff right there. Just a testiment of God's goodness in everyones lives, even in the seemingly small ways :D”

I really love the way he expressed it. How crazy awesome God is
He is, isn’t He?
He’s the God of Big things and of small things. Big things like saving CJ’s life. And small things like the unexpected gift of getting to connect with good friends.

“Just a testament of God’s goodness in everyone’s lives.
Even in the seemingly small ways.”

Because nothing is too big for God.
And nothing is too small for Him either.

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