Thursday, September 12, 2013

Waiting as an Offering

We received hugely encouraging news this week: our two boys’ files were “locked” with ours in Beijing! It feels so real now. Close to our being able to bring them home (maybe early October). God has so clearly moved adoption mountains for us and has “opened a door that no one can close” (Revelation 3:8). Our hearts are overflowing with praise.

Looking back over these past two months and reflecting on all that God has done...I remember my struggle and doubt that God would provide two children from Gansu for us, the incredible news of the two boys, and then the message that it was actually impossible for us to adopt them together. We were strongly advised to pursue another option. But we held on to the belief that these were “our boys” and watched God fight for our family to make the impossible “possible.” He provided an unheard-of 3 month extension on our expiration date of August 22 and a way that the boys’ files could be secured for us in Beijing.

Elisabeth Elliot’s insights on “waiting” from her book The Path of Loneliness have really encouraged me as I consider the challenge of waiting during our 6 year adoption journey.

“One discipline of the spiritual life to which many of us find it most difficult to submit to is that of waiting. No other discipline reveals more about the quality of our faith than that one.”

“Waiting patiently is almost impossible unless we also are learning at the same time to find joy in the Lord, commit everything to Him, trust Him, and be quiet.” (Psalm 37)

“Many times in my life God has asked me to wait when I wanted to move forward. He has kept me in the dark when I asked for light. To my pleas for guidance His answer has often been Sit still, My daughter. I like to see progress. I look for evidence that God is at least doing something. If the Shepherd leads us beside still waters when we were hoping for “white water” excitement, it is hard to believe anything really vital is taking place.”

“Waiting on God is an act of faith. The greatest thing ever required of us humans. Not faith in the outcome we are dictating to God, but faith in His character, faith in Himself. It is resting in the perfect confidence that he will guide in the right way, at the right time. He will supply our need. He will fulfill His work. He will give us the very best if we trust Him.”

“Waiting is an offering and a sacrifice…waiting on God in this way is true faith—no agenda of one’s own, no deadlines, no demands on what God must do. Simply an open heart and open hands ready to receive that which God shall choose, and a perfect confidence that what He chooses will be better than our best.”

God, accept our waiting as an offering of our faith. Help us to keep our hearts open as we wait on You and enable us  to rest in perfect confidence that You have our best in store. No matter what the answer to our prayer looks like or when it comes. We want to let go of our demands and desire to dictate to You the outcome that we think is best. Help us to truly believe that whatever You choose will be even better than our best.

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