Thursday, May 22, 2014


Not giving up when it gets hard.

Looking for the good. And having a thankful attitude.

Focusing on the source.

Lessons in school. And lessons in life.

Challenging math problems. Wanting to quit and saying, “I can’t do this. It’s too hard.” Trying to help our boys to not give up. To not turn off their brains and check out. But to push through and to believe “With God’s help I can.”

Challenging attitudes day after day. Feeling like giving up and saying “God, I can’t. This is too hard.” But the lesson is for me as well— to believe: “With God’s help I can.” Don’t turn off my heart and check out. Keep pressing on. Lean into Him.

In our family, a common prayer is that God would help us with our attitudes. That we would try our best when we’re doing schoolwork. That we would be respectful of each other. That we would have soft and obedient hearts. Hearts that love God and want to please Him.

We also want to have thankful hearts. We want to turn away from the temptation to complain and to dwell on problems. He has been so good to us. We want to remember His faithfulness in the past and in the present, and to trust Him for what He has yet to do. Charly has been leading our family the past few Sundays in encouraging times of praising God for what He has done both in Bible times and in our own lives.

After reading recently in the book of Joshua about the Israelites’ crossing of the Jordan River and their saving 12 stones from the river bed as a reminder of God’s faithfulness, I wrote several pages in my journal of high and low lights over the past seven months and I reflected on all the ways that God has carried our family. He is good. He is faithful. And He is the same—yesterday, today, and tomorrow. We can trust Him.

This week I was helping Daniel to look at a block pattern and copy it with real blocks. Trying to help him see where his block pattern was not like the original. That he needed to not only look at his, but to carefully examine the source. And then to look back at his.

And so in life. My eyes need to be fixed on the true Source, as I ask Him to show me where He desires to change my heart patterns so that they are more of a true reflection of Him. My application is to not keep looking at myself or my circumstances or to attempt a self fix-it program. God is the One who will change me more into His likeness as I daily offer Him a soft and teachable heart. Sometimes I can feel overwhelmed by how short I fall of where I want to be, but I know that God is still working, and He will carry on to completion the work that He has begun. (Philippians 1:6)

Thankfully, all of us are a work in progress. Our learning never ends.

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