Wednesday, July 2, 2014

To Go Beyond

Some friends gave us The Bible in Pictures for Little Eyes by Kenneth Taylor for CJ before he was born 19 years ago. It’s the storybook Daniel was looking at on Sunday when he said, “God is in the Fire.” This book was one of our favorites when our three older kids were younger and it has become a favorite again for David and Daniel.

I love what our friends wrote in the front of the book:

To Baby Pine (I’m sorry we don’t know your name yet, dear—)
May your faith be even deeper and stronger than that of your parents and may your light shine to all the world.

This has been Charly’s and my desire for each of our children—that they go beyond us.

A year ago I wrote “Letting Go” as I watched CJ and Joshua run off in the rain to catch the bus, and I was grieving that life would never be the same when CJ left for college. But it was time for him to move on. And this past year, we have seen his faith grow deeper and stronger at Notre Dame and we know that God’s light is shining through him there. He has gone beyond us.

This past year, we have seen Joshua and Jordan’s faith grow deeper and stronger too as they have adjusted to major changes in our family, becoming a great big brother and sister to their two new brothers. God’s light is shining through them—where we can still see it. And we believe that when we launch Joshua on to what God has for him a year from now, he will be ready to move beyond us.

This spring I watched Jordan multiple times run off and leave me with what she calls her “blitz” at the end of our runs together. We run for awhile together and then she moves on, like in life. And there is peace (even though I wish I could keep up with her at the end!) because I want her to reach beyond me. Because she is becoming all who God made her to be, and she is not limited by me.

And for David and Daniel, who are at a very different stage of life, we have more time with them at home. And we are trusting God to continue to work in both of their hearts so that they will go beyond us too one day and that their light may shine to all the world.

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