Monday, November 24, 2014

Water from Stone

I was reading through one of my old journals yesterday, and these quotes that I recorded 3 years ago from M. Wayne Brown’s Water from Stone really encouraged me.

“There is such a fundamental difference between wanting God and wanting what God can give us.”

“What if we believed the journey of faith was actually more of an awakening to what we already have than a striving after what we think will complete us?”

“God is with me. Always. I do not need to conjure, cajole, entice, woo or find him. I need to embrace him, to converse with him about what my life is and what it isn’t, and to recognize his incomparable wisdom and glory. I need to lift the refreshing and sustaining cup of Living Water that he is to my spiritual lips, and drink him in.

In my alone time with God—just as in my life in general—I am first and foremost to be cognizant of the One sitting with me. I am to remember that he is already present, that he is already powerful, and that he already loves me. Rather than seek ways to get the faucet flowing or the power booted up, I seek the spiritual eyes to see what is directly in front of me.

Looking across the table of faith into the face of God who loves me and knows me intimately, I begin the transformational journey with the simplest of prayers: Lord help me see what I already have.”

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