Monday, January 19, 2015

What is it About Jesus?

Yesterday was our last day of CJ's two week visit, and our family watched the scene from the first Hobbit movie--when Balin the Dwarf explains to the rest of the dwarfs and to Bilbo why he can call Thorin “king” and why he has chosen to follow him.

Then Charly challenged each of us with the question: “What is it about Jesus that makes us most want to follow Him? To give Him our allegiance and call Him our King?”

This is the conversation that followed:

Jesus is holy and perfect. Like no other person who ever walked the earth.”

Like Aslan, who was perfect and didn't deserve to die. But He chose to die in Edmund's place.”

And He didn't stay dead. God raised Him back to life.”

Because He is perfect, we know that His plan for us is a good one and not one to harm us.”

His love was perfect. When someone called out to Him, He always turned His full attention on that person and gave him His full, perfect love.”

He also faced temptation perfectly. When He came to earth, he faced temptation for the first time because there was no temptation in heaven, and He did that perfectly.”

Jesus always speaks the Truth.”

He leads us to have a good relationship with God, out of the darkness and into the light.”

Like in the story The Tale of Two Princes, Jesus defeated the enemy so we could be free.”

We often pray that we would do what pleases God. Jesus was the only one who did that perfectly.”

This makes me think of the scene in Remember the Titans, when the coach asks, 'Who's your Daddy?' Because we should listen to and obey what our Daddy says.”

He forgave those who said He should save Himself as He hung on the cross. He chose to stay on the cross and to love those who put Him there. He took our sins on Himself so that we could be saved and reconciled to God.”

Jesus always did what He said He was going to do. His words and actions were consistent. And He spoke and acted with authority.”

God gave Jesus the authority to heal and to forgive sins.”

Jesus gave us His example of washing the disciples' feet.”

Jesus' perfection makes us more aware of our sin and our need for Him.”

We'd love for you to join in our conversation!

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