Thursday, March 10, 2016

Fully Known and Fully Loved

This was the end of a beautiful and powerful message on Rest that we heard at Pulpit Rock Church last Sunday:

Dare to believe and let it sit in your heart. You are fully known. You are fully loved. And you have no need to fear rejection. That is enough.

Fully known. God has watched you your whole life. He understands you. He understands the ways that you struggle. He understands the ways that you deceive yourself. He understands the ways that you're unique, the ways that you're special. Your strengths, your brokenness, your sin. He knows every inch of your heart.

And you're fully loved. Every part of you is loved by your Heavenly Father. Those things that make you weird to all of us, make God smile. He likes those things about you. He loves to hear you laugh. He loves who you are. He grieved with you, loved you in those moments when you were hurt. He loved you in those moments you were sinning. Even as you faced that gut-wrenching disappointment, His love was there.

Because of that you have no need to ever fear rejection by Him. You will always be His daughter. You will always be His son. Doesn't matter how far you run. How much you ignore Him. How personally you reject Him.There is no moment coming where He is tired of calling you His. That is enough.

That is enough. Listen, I know you. I know you want to add something to it. You try so hard. And He sees how desperately you want to add your effort. But it is enough to be loved. Nothing more is needed.

Rest. You are fully known. Fully loved. No need to fear rejection. That is enough.

God, we come to you today and we would just ask that you would convince our hearts. Now we pray for our hearts. It's easy to pray for other people, God. But we need you to convince us that we are your sons and daughters. And that is enough.

You can listen to the whole sermon by Jonathan Cleveland here:  And I highly recommend the entire series on Rest.

Daniel brought home this school picture yesterday. I find it hard to look at his face and not smile with him. This picture captures the genuine joy that Daniel has in just being who he is, a beloved son.

“Identity does not depend on the role we play or the power it gives us over others. It depends only on the simple fact that we are children of God, valued in and for ourselves.” (Parker Palmer)

“I want my life to be integrated in the one true reality of a God who knows everything about me and desires only the good. I want to view all the distractions of my day from the perspective of eternity. I want to abandon myself to a God who can elevate me beyond the tyranny of myself. I will never be free from evil, or from distractions, but I pray that I can be freed from the anxiety and unrest that crowd in with them...Transformation comes, in the end, not from an act of will, but an act of grace.” (Philip Yancey)

You are fully known. You are fully loved. And you have no need to fear rejection. That is enough. 

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