Saturday, October 8, 2016

Quotes by Daniel

I LOVE my body!” (while I was helping Daniel dry off after a bath when he had his arm in a cast)

JESUS! Jesus is in the bathroom!” (at a friend's house this summer after discovering a picture of Jesus in an unexpected place)

Can you be quiet?” (in a singsong voice to himself while sitting on the couch)
No, I can't” (his singing answer to himself)

How many days we stay in this house?” (after house-hopping for the summer and moving into the house where we'll live for a year)

I think you seem very lost” (to me after I made a wrong turn on the way to his neuropsych exam)

I've got a lot of jeans going on!” (after sorting through a bunch of new hand me down clothes)

For me???” (after watching this video of his cross country finish last week, surprised at how many people were cheering for him. He was so focused on the finish line that he didn't hear the cheers while he was running)

"God, help us more love you." (his prayer at dinner last night)


  1. Oh - so thankful that GOD is glorified in Daniel's lovely quotes.

    1. Thank you Barbara. He really does have a sweet heart. And he makes us laugh too! I can picture God laughing with us.



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