Friday, November 11, 2016

One Nation Under God

There are still leaves on this tree.

I stopped to take a picture yesterday on my walk with Charly because I was marveling at how well I could see with my new glasses. Everything looks sharper. Clearly, I didn't realize how bad my vision really was. How much I was missing. And now I know.

I drove for the first time with my glasses Tuesday night. And I kept thinking, “Oh my goodness. I can read that sign from way back here! Look how clear those letters are. I don't have to squint anymore.”

And I want to see clearly. Because honestly our world feels like a mess right now.

I went to bed Tuesday night before all the results were in. And when I woke up at 4:30, Charly rolled over to tell me who won the election. And I wished that it was a bad dream instead of our next four years.

Shock and Sorrow. A feeling of betrayal by our nation.

Sobered these past two days to read firsthand accounts of how this news is affecting different groups of marginalized people. Those who have been targeted during this horrible presidential campaign because of who they are. Made to feel they have no value.

I felt the need to write to my local Muslim friends yesterday to tell them how sad I felt over the anti-Muslim views our new president has expressed. And to let them know that our family is committed to standing up for our Muslim friends. One of them wrote back to tell me of the protests going on in different cities last night. She said, "I pray for peace."

Isn't that what we need? There is incredible hurt and pain in our nation. Deep division. There has been so much ugliness uncovered and garbage thrown throughout this campaign that I guess it's unrealistic to think that it would all go away once a decision was reached. A happy ending for everyone was not possible. So here we are with shovels looking at the unbelievable amount of trash all around us.

Asking "What can be done?"

How can we see past our deeply entrenched convictions and agendas? And engage in conversation that doesn't involve raising our voices at those who don't agree with us?

Do we truly want to listen? And not keep trying to prove we are right?

No matter who we voted for, Donald Trump is our new president now. And I strongly believe that we all need to support him. Not throw more trash around. Or stab our shovels at each other. Not participate in protests and refuse to accept him as our president. We need to pray for him. And for our nation.

We need to come together. Now more than ever. 
Not focus on the trash but on each other.

One nation under God.

We each have a part we can play in rebuilding what has been torn down. In cleaning up the piles of trash all around us (even within our own hearts). Are we willing to extend grace and forgiveness to those who hold different views? Are we able to see beyond our political differences and the ways that we've felt hurt, and even betrayed, in order to focus on what we have in common? 

A desire for our country to be a place where needs are protected and everyone has a voice.
A desire for us to invest in the next generation of leaders. Building men and women of character.
A desire for us to uphold the values of peace and compassion and unity.

I want to bring my vision into better focus.

I can see that there are still leaves on the tree.

What do you see?

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  1. Driving home with my mom when I was a kid after getting my first pair of glasses --- I couldn't help comment on everything I could see :)! A couple of years ago I got an updated prescription and had a similar sensation. To see after not seeing (even when you didn't realize how bad it was) . . . what a great feeling!!!

    1. So true Amy! And do you know, when I was picking out frames I thought of you. Because I really like the color of your glasses :)

  2. I, for one, am hopeful because of the outcome of the election. I agree that we need to support him. It is the media who have had the biggest role in dividing our nation.

    1. Kathy, I so agree with you about the media. It feels like they are trying to keep the tensions high. May God bring peace to our torn up nation.



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