Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Power Through

Jordan has taught me what it means to Power Through.

She invited me to climb Pikes Peak with her in July because she wanted to climb a 14er before starting college. I didn't really think I was the best choice, but agreed to be her climbing partner.

As we got close to the top and had to scale a challenging section with large rocks, she encouraged me with the words "Power through." Even with a headache. Even in the wind and cold. Even when the path wasn't easy to see. And the footing was difficult. Keep going.

This time last year we ran a half marathon together. Actually she ran way up ahead with two of her cross country friends and came back to cheer for me as I struggled to make it across the finish line. But I was out there because of her. My Power Through Daughter.

She talked CJ and me into doing the Incline in June (the steepest mile ever!) with two of her friends. The three of them made it look way too easy, but cheered CJ and me on.

And we made it to the top.

The next month, when her best friends from Lanzhou were visiting, she helped them to reach the top as well.

Then my Dad, also inspired by Jordan, decided to climb the Incline with us.

When we visited Jordan last weekend at Calvin we got to see her play in a rugby game. And she was truly as tough as nails. She told us before the game that they were playing against the best school in their division. And there was a girl on the other team known as Square. "No one can stop her" was Square's reputation. As we scanned the other players, we tried to figure out which one best fit that nickname, but there were too many possibilities.

Jordan wasn't intimidated at all out there on the field. We didn't really understand the rules, but we cheered wildly from the sidelines as she made two back to back tackles. And then she got the ball and ran for about 10 yards before being taken down.

Jordan's tackling strategy is to Go Low

Run hard.

Power Through.

Look past the obstacles.

Encourage your teammates.

Set your eyes on the goal and never look back.

Jordan inspires all of us to be tough and to keep pressing on.

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