Thursday, January 12, 2017

Little Drummer Boy

Sometimes our vision is blocked.

Like the time Joshua was 4 or 5 and something caught his eye at the mall. He made a mad dash for it and nearly knocked an innocent bystander off her feet in the process. My sister asked him, “Joshua, did you see that woman?” He looked at her blankly.

I'm aware of my own blind spots pretty frequently. Like when I was at Calvin College's orientation with Jordan in August and about to walk up to the dining hall servers to request my lunch choice. Jordan's quiet voice from behind, alerted me in Chinese, that there was actually a line of people waiting and I was about to break it. I had no idea.

Our big kids were home for winter break, and most of the time it was great for our family of seven to be all together again. We got to go to San Diego with my side of the family to celebrate my parents' 50th wedding anniversary which was awesome. One of the irritations for me during that time, however, was that David seemed to be constantly beating on things. I didn't see music in the making, I saw noise that needed to be stopped.

Joshua saw something different. When we got home, he got on his computer to search Amazon and asked me what I thought about his buying David a drum. “It won't be that loud,” he assured me. So I agreed. The drum arrived last week and now we have a Little Drummer Boy in the house. 

It's the first thing David wants to do after he gets home from school every day. I can't say that the drum beating is as quiet as I was hoping for, but I can handle it. CJ helped him put together a playlist so he has his favorite music to beat along with.

I didn't see the potential. But Joshua did.

How many times do I miss opportunities because I'm focused on how something affects me. Not on what's going on inside someone else. There was music trying to come out and I was squelching it instead of giving it a place to grow.

Thankful that God has put people in my life to shine the light on my blind spots. Especially my own children. Who have a lot to teach me.

What are the blind spots in your life?

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