Thursday, February 16, 2017

Cared For

God has blessed our family through all the incredible care we have received.

Lots of people were praying for David and Daniel as they went into surgery on the same day.

My parents came to the hospital and kept David company during Daniel's surgery.

The hospital TV studio interviewed David about Ground Hog's Day while we waited for Daniel to come out of the operating room.

My parents encouraged Daniel during his recovery and brought coloring books and other fun activities for him to do in his hospital bed.

He also got a lot of TLC from the nurses. This one showed him his foot in a mirror
so he could see that his toes were straight.

He was excited when the physical therapist showed him how to use his new walker!

David had a harder time with two casts, but his nurses were really positive and one even showed him some of her dance moves to make him laugh.

When we got home there was a fun package waiting from my sister. Our boys have been blessed with so many cards, puzzles, coloring/activity books, legos, and treats from people who care about them.

 This is one of the sweetest cards Daniel got from his classmates, along with a big gift basket with lots of goodies from the school.

The school librarian asked what their favorite animals were and made these adorable stuffed animals for them. Their playground monitor gave them play-dough and a card that said she hoped to see them running around on the playground again soon.

We had two meals delivered within an hour after we got home from the hospital!
Eight delicious meals these past two weeks.

Some Egyptian friends stopped by to deliver gifts for the boys and we were able to serve them one of the meals a friend had prepared for us that day.

David was excited to play football with his Sunday school class. 

We are so thankful for the gift of community.

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