Thursday, February 23, 2017

Quotes by Daniel part 2

Daniel: “Only 6 more days in February.”
Me: “Do you know what today is?”
Daniel: “Yes, February twenty tooth.”

Helping me peel potatoes last night: “Am I a great helper?

Concerned when I warned him that he needed to get his hands out of the sink when I turned on the garbage disposal: “If I put my hand in there, it will be SUPER bad.”
After a few more minutes of contemplating how serious it would be: “That means...I will die?”

Listening to Bible songs with his headphones as we're driving, he starts to sing with gusto. It usually takes us a little while to figure out what he's singing. One of the lines sounds like, “Yes, Jesus slugs me.” And another one: “I wanna see Jesus in my eye

Coaching himself as he maneuvers his walker into the bathroom at my parents' house: “Do not touch the wall. Do not touch the wall. Oopsie. You touched it....That's ok.”

When the nurse took David and Daniel's blood pressure before their surgeries she told us that the difference in Daniel's high numbers and David's low ones was because one of them was being pretty wiggly and the other was still. “David,” Daniel said with scorn. “Why did you move so much?

“Are you tired?” I heard Daniel ask the night of his surgery from his hospital bed. “Yes,” I replied with a big sigh. “I AM tired.” “I wasn't talking to you,” he turned his head toward me. “I was talking to my lion.”

I very want to go to China with Joshua,” Daniel said before his brother left for a study abroad semester in Beijing last week. “Just the two of us.” (We told Joshua to be looking out for a surprise package we might be sending his way)

Are you poop?” he calls out loudly when someone is in the bathroom and he wants to know how long it's going to be.

"Faster! Faster! Crash it!" he kept yelling from the shopping cart when Jordan and her roommate were pushing him and David around the grocery store. (I knew this was not a good indicator of him being a safe "driver" when he got his wheelchair)

“I AM STRONG!” he yells when wheeling himself up our hill.

“Do you know who this is?” I asked Daniel, as I pointed to a picture of the Statue of Liberty in his library book. “Captain America?” he guessed.

"My camel! My camel! CJ made this for me!" when he discovered the stuffed camel CJ had bought him in Jordan waiting for him as a surprise on his bed last night (Charly had unpacked him from a storage box).

Daniel gave me this poem at their school's Morning With Mom event today:

This is a funny video clip of Daniel meeting Omar the camel, my Dad's puppet, 
when we celebrated Chinese New Year together:

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