Friday, March 3, 2017

Welcome to the Table: The Serviette

The Serviette encourages people to share their tables in a way that bridges cultural and religious gaps, shows creativity, and serves others. Julie’s vision both for her blog and for the conversations she initiates with followers from around the world have impacted many. I am one who has been blessed by Julie’s all-encompassing heart and her creative ideas, and was privileged to have this interview with her. Pull up a chair to Julie’s welcoming table and listen in on the conversation.

one of the verses that motivates Julie toward hospitality

First, some background about Julie:

Julie grew up in Brazil, spent most of her twenties in Canada (her parents’ home country) and then ate daal and roti for a few years in India. Now she lives with her American husband in Germany—one of the most culturally diverse places she has ever lived. They’ve been married for just over two years and enjoy having guests from around the world around their table.

Julie started The Serviette a year ago to collect stories and thoughts about engaging people of other cultures, religions or backgrounds within the home environment. From her diverse experience of living with Hindus, hosting Muslims, and befriending people of other worldviews, she’s realized that hospitality plays a vital role in the development of real, meaningful relationships. She hopes you’ll find that hosting people who think differently than you is more possible than you expected, and more important than you realized.

To read the interview on the Velvet Ashes website, click here


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